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Effect Pressure In Main tube due to outlets

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    I had to detect a Leakage in my pipe ,and i am really confused whether the Darcy Weisbach or Hagen-poiseuille
    equation will be satisfied by the current criteria ,as described below:

    I have a main tube with ends A and B and various outlets,suppose n outlets are present between A and B ,
    I have the pressure at both A and B and flow rates can be measured at both A and B, and may be at all the outlets( If only flow rate between A and B are themselves not sufficient) ,if flow rates are measured a instant t.
    Then flow rate must satisfy the Eq. A= B+ N outlets.

    Hence is there is leakage there will be additional pressure loss and may be flow rate decrease
    Can these those two relation help me out? all I have is capability to measure pressure and flow rate at each outlet

    Is there a need to measure flow rates at each outlet won't the difference between A and B flow rate just enough?

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