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Effects of bonds/potential energy on properties

  1. Dec 7, 2009 #1
    The type and potential energy of interatomic bonds in solids have a direct effect on
    which of the following properties? (That is, which can be determined based on
    bonding information alone?)
    a. Melting temperature-yes
    b. Yield strength-no
    c. Elastic modulus-yes
    d. Fracture toughness-no
    e. Diffusion coefficient-no
    f. Ductility-yes
    g. Coefficient of thermal expansion-yes

    I know bond type and potential energy has a direct impact on the melting temperature,thermal expansion coefficient, elastic modulus and ductility.

    Bond type/potential energy doesn't effect the diffusion coefficient(only activation energy)

    As far as the yield strength and fracture toughness goes, I'm going to guess they
    can't be ascertained by only bond info, just intuition.

    Does this seem correct?
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