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News EgyptAir plane hijacked with 82 passengers on board

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    Obviously this is a developing situation, and information is scarce.

    It seems the plane has landed, going by the tweet by @AviationSafety -- "We are investigating reports about a possible hijack of EgyptAir flight #MS181 that landed at Larnaca, Cyprus."

    EDIT: it seems around 55 passengers were on board, not the 80-82 previously reported.
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    There are reports in the Egyptian media that all hostages have been released except for the crew and 4 foreign nationals.
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    News that the hijacker is seeking asylum in Cyprus. I don't fancy his odds of getting one.

    Edit:"The BBC's Ranyah Sabry in Cairo says it appears all the hostages have been freed, and the hijacker is now on his own in the plane."
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