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Elastic attached to a Car travelling down an inclined plane...

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    I'm conducting an experiment wherein a car of various weights travels down an inclined plane of varying angles, attached to the back of the car and the top of the ramp is an elastic cord. Once the car reaches the end the elastic pulls backward, and thus pulling the car back. We are measuring the distance downward from the equilibrium point that the car travels, and how far back above the equilibrium point it travels on rebound.
    The Question
    What physics theories surround this experiment, and if so please elaborate as to how these affect the results.
    My Theory
    As the weight and angle increase, the rebound distance will lessen due to the elastic potential energy not being strong enough to pull a car back that is moving at such velocity, thus the data will be placed on a graph in a parabolic shape, with the optimal angle and weight at the peak.
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    Why don't you test your theory by actually doing the experiment? I suggest that you change only one variable at a time. By this I mean change the weight keeping the angle fixed, then change the angle keeping the mass fixed. Plot your results and see if your theory explains them.
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