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An inclined plane, also known as a ramp, is a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle, with one end higher than the other, used as an aid for raising or lowering a load. The inclined plane is one of the six classical simple machines defined by Renaissance scientists. Inclined planes are widely used to move heavy loads over vertical obstacles; examples vary from a ramp used to load goods into a truck, to a person walking up a pedestrian ramp, to an automobile or railroad train climbing a grade.Moving an object up an inclined plane requires less force than lifting it straight up, at a cost of an increase in the distance moved. The mechanical advantage of an inclined plane, the factor by which the force is reduced, is equal to the ratio of the length of the sloped surface to the height it spans. Due to conservation of energy, the same amount of mechanical energy (work) is required to lift a given object by a given vertical distance, disregarding losses from friction, but the inclined plane allows the same work to be done with a smaller force exerted over a greater distance.The angle of friction, also sometimes called the angle of repose, is the maximum angle at which a load can rest motionless on an inclined plane due to friction, without sliding down. This angle is equal to the arctangent of the coefficient of static friction μs between the surfaces.Two other simple machines are often considered to be derived from the inclined plane. The wedge can be considered a moving inclined plane or two inclined planes connected at the base. The screw consists of a narrow inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.The term may also refer to a specific implementation; a straight ramp cut into a steep hillside for transporting goods up and down the hill. It may include cars on rails or pulled up by a cable system; a funicular or cable railway, such as the Johnstown Inclined Plane.

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  1. M

    I What part of momentum moves the boat in the inclined plane paradox experiment?

    Hello and thank you for welcoming me to your forum! To get started, I would like to give you a little help: In the pattern experiment, when firing the cannon, if part of the momentum reaches the bird, and if another part of the momentum manages to stun the fish, what part of the momentum would...
  2. mazia

    Questions Regarding a Cat Going Up a Ramp

    EDIT: I've finally found the solution, so here's what I did. First, calculate Work using the equation: (F-mgsin(theta))*displacement, where F=the force being applied by the push, theta is the angle of the ramp, and displacement is the length of the ramp. Now that you have the value for work...
  3. C

    How to find coefficient of friction of a body sliding down the slope?

    So basically I need to find the coefficient of friction given the listed information. What bothers me is that I am getting two different accelerations for two different approaches. When I calculate acceleration using Fg=mgsin60 I do it this way: Fg=mgsin60 -> ma=mgsin60 ->a=gsin60 -> a=8.66. But...
  4. A

    Final velocity involving a can of soup and an inclined plane

    a = 9.8*sin(25*pi/180)=>a=4.1417 m/s^2 vf^2=vi^2+2*a*s=>vf=sqrt(0^2+2*4.1417*3)=>vf=4.9850 m/s Meanwhile the correct answer is: (vf+vi)/2=>(vf+0)/2=2=>vf=4 m/s Why is my answer wrong? It seems that the acceleration is what is wrong, but I don't understand why.
  5. Elaren

    Final velocity of a block on a spring pulled downhill

    Note: wording is ambiguous so I assumed spring started from equilibrium, in which case it stretches as we go downslope. Final height (at lower point on slope) is 0. Distance along slope = Distance the spring stretches = d= ##s_f## = ##2/cos{\theta}## =2.13 Height change = h = ##2 tan{\theta}##...
  6. A

    I Forces to move on the level versus up an inclined plane

    If on a flat ground, we exert a force F to move forward, then we go to an incline plane of theta degrees. Why wouldn't the force F2 to move up the incline plane with respect to ground be F2*cos(theta) = F --> F2 = F/cos(theta) disregarding the effects of gravity?
  7. runningphysics

    Two masses connected by a rope on a pulley on a ramp

    I have no clue how to do the problem. I created a free body diagram for each block. I assume that it is simpler than I am making it out to be.
  8. xwalsh

    How to find deceleration up incline

    Basically the problem is giving me an initial velocity to start with it goes up the incline before it comes back down. I know how to do everything else in the problem but solve for the initial acceleration up the incline. What would I need to calculate to solve this?
  9. J

    Inclined plane FBD for latch mechanism

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this in, I've never posted on thisforum before. I'm trying to form a FBD of a mechanism that uses linear motion to actuate a pin in a transverse direction. I've attached the general idea in a picture where the pin is free to move up and down. In...
  10. A

    The body slides off an inclined plane

    ma = mg * sinα - fmg * cosα a = g (sinα-f * cosα) v = g*t(sinα - f * cosα) 14.7 = 10 * 2 (sin60 - f * cos60) f = 0.26 Can someone please check if my solution is correct? I'd really appreciate that.
  11. T

    I Area of an inclined surface with respect to the original surface

    Hi, I have a problem with inclined planes. The idea is to calculate the stress in an inclined plane of a bar under tension for which you need the surface. I have no idea how this surface is derived, though. In the attached file, you can see what I mean. For a rectangular cross-section, it's...
  12. Lone Wolf

    Conservation of energy for a block on an incline plane

    Let v be the speed of the block and x elongation of the spring beyond the equilibrium point. Initially, v = 0 and x = 0. At the maximum elongation, the block also has v = 0, it has moved a distance equal to x (parallel to the plane) and the variation of height is equal to -x⋅sin(53°). W(FNC) =...
  13. R

    Cylinder rolling down the hill

    Homework Statement A solid cylinder rolls down an inclined plane because of stiction. How does angular velocity change over time? Given: ##m,R,g,\alpha,\mu## where ##\mu## is the friction coefficient Homework Equations [/B] ##J_{cm} = 1/2 m*r^2## moment of inertia m = mass of the cylinder...
  14. L

    Find min/max accel. for block to stay on wedge (static fric)

    This HW problem due date has already passed. I had no problem with part a, but struggled thinking about parts b and c. I saw the solutions for parts b and c, but still don't exactly get it. I'll state the questions below, and tell you my way of interpreting the solution now. Could you tell me...
  15. B

    Finding the coefficient of kinetic friction on an incline

    << Mentor Note -- Two threads on the same subject have been merged >> I am a junior enrolled in IB Physics at the standard level at my high school. As a part of the curriculum we must perform an Internal Assessment (IA) which involves performing an experiment and performing calculations and it...
  16. Eyris

    Kinematics on a frictionless incline plane

    The situation: The mass is pushed up an incline with an angle of 1 degree with an initial velocity of 1 m/s, and it comes back down to its original position. The questions to answer: What is the total distance the object travels on the frictionless inclined plane? How long will the object...
  17. S

    Maximizing Friction Coefficient for Block on a Wedge: A Calculus Approach

    Homework Statement A block of mass m is placed on a rough wedge inclined at an angle α to the horizontal, a distance d up the slope from the bottom of the wedge. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and wedge is given by µ_0x/d, where x is the distance down the slope from the...
  18. Zack K

    Weight of an object in static equilibrium

    Homework Statement An object is suspended on a frictionless slope inclined plane by a rope parallel to the incline. If the angle of the incline is 25° and the tension on the rope is 5000 N, what is the weight of the object Homework Equations ∑F=0 The Attempt at a Solution So in my eyes, you...
  19. E

    Breaking Distance of a Car Traveling on an Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement Calculate the braking distance for a car traveling at a speed of 35.0m/s down a hill at an angle of 10.0 degrees relative to the horizontal. Homework Equations F=ma v=u + 2as[/B] The Attempt at a Solution The teacher briefly explained this in class saying that the total...
  20. K

    Block sliding up an inclined plane

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data A block with an initial speed of 20.0m/s slides up a ramp with an incline angle of 30º. (a) (2 points) Write the position as a function of time for motion up the surface of the ramp. (b) (2 points) Write the velocity as a function...
  21. EastWindBreaks

    A car traveling upward on inclined plane

    Homework Statement consider a 3300 lb car whose speed is increased by 35 mph over a distance of 200 ft while traveling up a rectilinear incline with a 15% grade. model the car as a particle, assume the tires do not slip, neglect all sources of frictional losses and drag. find the work done by...
  22. S

    Elastic attached to a Car travelling down an inclined plane....

    Hey! I'm conducting an experiment wherein a car of various weights travels down an inclined plane of varying angles, attached to the back of the car and the top of the ramp is an elastic cord. Once the car reaches the end the elastic pulls backward, and thus pulling the car back. We are...
  23. D

    Thermodynamics - Need help with inclined plane problem

    Homework Statement A train engine climbs a hill. The engine is 30% efficient. The train has a mass of 12000kg. The hill is 750m in height, with an incline of 20° form the horizontal. Friction exerts a force opposing motion of 8000N throughout the climb. Find w, Qin and Qout for the engine...
  24. D

    Why Does My Car's Fuel Gauge Show False Readings on Hills?

    hello i am new here. I am facing a problem in fuel gauge that when i drive for a long time on hills it start to show false value. I decided to solve this problem i have a gyro and known resistance from fuel tank of my car and now i want to have true value all the time please help me with it or...
  25. R

    Moment about a point in an incline plane

    Homework Statement Force F = 460 N acts perpendicular to the inclined plane Determine the moment produced by F about point A. Enter the x, y, and z components of the moment separated by commas. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution r(CA)=4j-3k u(CA)=4/5j-3/5k r(CB)=-3i+4j...
  26. Kraken_Head

    Power of a bicycle accelerating up a slope.

    Hello everyone :alien: I have been assigned to create a physics problem involving bicycles. I thought up the following, but I had questions regarding if it was properly made / worked out. A cyclist is accelerating constantly up a slope at 1 m/s ^-2 The slope is at a 15 degree angle and is 30 m...
  27. D

    What is the solution to this inclined plane problem?

    Homework Statement This problem asks for the angle on an inclined plane-- I have attached the problem below. Homework Equations fnet=ma The Attempt at a Solution I honestly have no idea what to do. I found the vector components for gravity and made a FBD for the box, but I can't really figure...
  28. S

    Projectile hitting the incline plane horizontally

    Homework Statement A projectile is thrown at angle θ with an inclined plane of inclination 45o . Find θ if projectile strikes the inclined the plane horizontal Homework Equations Taking x-axis along the incline and y-axis perpendicular to incline.[/B] Vx=ucosθ - gsint(45)t Vy=usinθ -...
  29. Blockade

    Can someone help me find the angle between two forces?

    Can someone help me relearn finding the angle between two forces when solving for work of each forces (gravity, tension, fF, normal)? I remember that cos(90°-α) = sin(α) but what I don't understand is when the angle in between is "90°-α" or when it's just "α". I tried doing this on my own and...
  30. B

    Stopping Distance affected by Mass of Cart on Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement I am doing my IB Physics Individual Investigation on how mass affects the stopping distance of a small cart when colliding with an open box at the bottom of an inclined plane. I wanted to know the relationship mass has with the stopping distance, similar to how a train...
  31. dakota224

    Downward Projectile Motion on an Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement A skateboarder in a death-defying stunt decides to launch herself from a ramp on a hill. The skateboarder leaves the ramp at a height of 1.4 m above the slope, traveling 15 m/s and at an angle of 40° to the horizontal. The slope is inclined at 45° to the horizontal. With what...
  32. F

    Ball bounce angle on inclined surface

    Homework Statement Ball strikes inclined plane of infinite mass with velocity v vertically. Elastic collisions. Velocity and direction after collision? One way of solving is take components along and perpendicular to inclined plane and then solve easily. Is there any way to solve is using...
  33. putongren

    Pulley problem with incline plane

    Consider two blocks connected by an ideal rope that passes through an ideal pulley fixed on the corner of the wedge as shown in the figure. The blocks have masses m1 and m2. The block of mass m1 is on the incline surface (which is frictionless) while the block of mass m2 hangs up in the air...
  34. S

    3 pulleys - 2 masses on incline plane

    Homework Statement http://tinypic.com/r/qs9q4o/9 http://tinypic.com/r/qs9q4o/9 Verify that the log will move up the ramp under the given conditions Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution m1 = 220 m2 = 130 mu = 0.4 theta = 25 g = 9.81 N = (m1*g)*cos(theta)1) m2g – T = m2a Forces...
  35. D

    Work/Energy - Incline Plane w/ Friction

    Homework Statement A 74.5 kg snowboarder heads down a 16.0° hill that has a height of 78.4 m. If the hill is assumed to be frictionless and there is horizontal wind with a force of 93 N acting against the snowboarder, find the speed of the snowboarder as they reach the bottom of the hill using...
  36. R

    How Much Force Must a Tractor Exert to Pull a Sled Up a Hill with Friction?

    A tractor pulls a 5000kg asked up a hill at a constant velocity. If the hill had a constant grade of 30° with respect to the horizontal and there is a 10,000 N frictional force between the sled and the ground, what is the minimum force the tractor must exert on the sled? I think I'm supposed...
  37. J-dizzal

    Statics, equilibrium sphere in a groove on an incline plane

    Homework Statement The smooth homogeneous sphere rests in the 132° groove and bears against the end plate, which is normal to the direction of the groove. Determine the angle θ, measured from the horizontal, for which the reaction on each side of the groove equals the force supported by the end...
  38. S

    Incline plane problem - acceleration, time, and velocity

    Just need someone to check if this is right. This question=frictionless, freefall, etc. We have an incline plane. Determine the amount of acceleration due to gravity both parallel and perpendicular to the incline. Would the answer be: parallel=9.8sinθ and perpendicular=9.8cosθ Okay...
  39. A

    Force applied to incline plane

    Homework Statement The problem is described and drawn here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-HFS9bOMNAcMjNacXlha0Z6cVk/edit?usp=sharing Edit: The picture seems not to be showing up, so the address is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-HFS9bOMNAcMjNacXlha0Z6cVk/edit?usp=sharing...
  40. L

    Sphere rolling down an incline plane pulling a rope off a cylinder

    The tension in the rope is actually being provided by a solid sphere with radius 23.5 cm that rolls down an incline as shown in the figure. The incline makes an angle of 32° with the vertical. The end of the rope is attached to a yoke that runs through the center of the sphere, parallel to the...
  41. N

    Mg cos theta in context of incline plane

    For a mass on an incline plane, is the downward force mg cos Θ or -mg cos Θ? I'm inclined to state there should be a negative but from my lectures, the negative does not appear to be stipulated. I was wondering if it's was a mistake by the lecturer. mg cos Θ + FN = 0 mg cos Θ = -FN the...
  42. E

    What is the frictional force between two objects on an incline plane?

    Homework Statement To illustrate there is an incline plane (Mass=M) on a frictionless horizontal plane. It is being pushed by an F force on its non incline side. There is also an m mass on the incline. Mass m does not slide over M. Angle of the incline is Beta. sin B= 0.6, cos B= 0.8, M= 3...
  43. R

    Question about objects rolling on a incline plane

    Before I start the problem, I would like to apologize for not using the formating. I am posting this from my high school's network and they have an absurd filtering algorithm that blocks css and other web scripts so I can't use the normal formatting since I can't remember the format tags for...
  44. P

    Energy/work on incline plane with springs

    Homework Statement Ok so the actual spring is attached to the 30 kg mass and is unstretched at this height off the ground. So if I were to pull the 25 kg mass down the plane 20 cm(assuming no friction on plane), and then let go, what would the velocity of the two masses be when the spring is...
  45. Z

    Calculating Work done on Trunk: Incline Plane Homework

    Homework Statement A trunk of mass m = 1.300 kg is pushed a distance d = 124 cm up an incline with an angle of inclination theta = 28.0 ° by a constant horizontal force P = 425 N (see figure). The coefficient of kinetic friction between the trunk and the incline is 0.130. a) Calculate the...
  46. C

    Energy Conservation Spring Pulling Mass Up Incline Plane

    Homework Statement http://imgur.com/xIckJqW A block of mass m rests on a plane inclined at an angle θ with the horizontal. A spring with force constant k is attached to the block. The coefficient of static friction between the block and plane is μs. The spring is pulled upward along the...
  47. I

    Please check my work (friction on an incline plane)

    two blocks of unequal mass are connected by a string over a smooth pulley. one mass of mass 2m rests on the incline while the second mass of mass m is hung over a pulley over the incline if the coefficient of friction is μk, what angle of the incline allows the masses to move at a constant...