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Electric and Electromagnetic force

  1. Aug 23, 2008 #1
    force between two charges is it electric force or electromagnetic force?
    And force between the atom nucleus and the electron is it electric force or electromagnetic force? how
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    You need to be careful as to how you use the terms here. The electromagnetic force is comprised of both the electrostatic force and the magnetic force. If the 2 charges are stationary then only the electrostatic force is present. If one is moving you have to take into account the induced magnetic field.

    The force between the nucleus and the electron is electrostatic, since the nucleus comprises of protons and neutrons which attract the electrons.
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    Thanks for replying
    1) but the electron is moving so shouldn't we take into account magnetic force also?

    2) like gravity is propagated through spacetime
    electromagnetic force is propagated through electromagnetic waves isn't it?
    does that mean that a moving charge produces electromagnetic waves around it when this is absorbed by another charge it experiences force Is this correct or wrong?
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