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Electric Field vs Magnetic Field vs Electromagnetic waves

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    How are all of the above fields different from each other what makes them what they are?Any comments would be appreciated.
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    They are all aspects of the same thing. Colloquially speaking electric fields usually implies static electric fields that do not vary in time (or that vary only very slowly), same for magnetic fields. Colloquially speaking about electromagnetic waves implies that the fields vary with some frequency.

    Of course electromagnetic waves are composed of electric and magnetic field components that are coupled....
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    Your explaination is a little vague for me to understand,so correct me if i'm wrong but are electric and magnetic fields an electromagnetic wave with different frequencies?
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    Doug Huffman

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    A field determines what a test particle would report for all positions in the field. A magnetic test particle is not an electric charge test particle and they will not be affected by the other field.

    A radiation field is described by a radiation detector. A gravity field is described by a gravity detector. And so on.
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    Just be careful how you internally visualize the generation of waves.
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