Electric Fields/Electric Potential

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I have a few questions about how to find the magnitude of an electric field.

1) I need help with plotting the electric field after I have calculated the magnitude of the electric field on a graph, depicting in which direction the electric field is.
2) I also need help with just electricity in general. I could really use a good study guide or outline/review on electricity. I have the the Giancoli AP Physics sixth edition book (if needed).

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1. The direction of the electric field is the direction of the force experienced by a small positive test charge. The direction should drop out of the magnitude calculation.

2. That is very general indeed.
quick overview:
... the description changes a lot with your level.
Giancoli is primarily for pre-med: you more bio-oriented?

usually the "electricity" topic covers electric circuits and currents, while the "electromagnetism" topic covers fields and charges. Some courses treat magnetism separately.

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