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Electrical Circuits 1 and Electrical Circuits 2

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    What exactly do they teach in these classes? My second year I will be taking these classes, heard these are some hard classes. Anyone on this forum ever taken these classes?
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    The course outline doesn't give you any indication of what is covered??
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    Noooooo... I won't take this class until my sophomore year of college. I have several friends who took these classes and they keep telling me it's a hard class.
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    Why not grab a textbook from a freind and flip through it.
    That should cover resistors, capacitors, inductors, mostly passive components, time constants, thevenin's thereom, RC , RCL, RL circuits, magnetic circuits, and all that energy stuff that goes with it, with DC currents.
    Added to the list is diodes, maybe power supplies and filter, a touch on transistors, transformers, sine wave, square wave, transformers, ..power factor, peak power, rms value, ...

    Just listing off some topics here as it has been a while.

    Your friends are just pulling your leg cuz the course is a breeze, it is as easy as pie - except for the examination part where you have to put concepts together to obtain the correct answer
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    Pretty generic name that could cover alot. For instance I had two course called Electronic Circuits 1/2 that covered Diodes and transistors and various circuits built using them (Filters, opamps, amplifiers, etc).

    I also had Circuit Analysis I/II that covered passive components, KVL/KCL, Thevenin/Norton, tranisent responses, Laplace/Fourier Circuit analysis, two-port networks, etc.

    So your classes prolly cover something along those lines. I didn't find these particularly hard (at least compared to other classes, theres rarely an easy EE class lol)
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    Circuits I and II.....Electronics I and II are simply the foundation for electrical engineering.

    They better be tough....if they are not tough you just wasted your money!

    As far as your easy classes....that's in the past. That's what grade school and high school are for!
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    I would be really surprised if a full specification doesn't exist, stating what the courses will contain. If there is a nationally approved exam at the end of them, the teachers will need to know what syllabus to teach.
    I have only been involved with UK Science teaching but it is definitely that way 'over here' - and also in Europe.
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    My Circuits I class covered the basics of resistors, thevenin equivalence, op amps, and I believe we touched on the time domain of RLC circuits. Circuits II focused more on your complex equations, filters, and bode plots. I think we touched on transformers as well. Electronics (which was essentially Circuits III) was a more in-depth learning of op-amps, diodes, and mosfets/bjts. ENJOY! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Yep.....sounds about right. Prepare yourself for a boat load of studying if you plan on knowing anything before or after graduation.
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