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Electrical engineering undergrad to physics grad school?

  1. Jan 30, 2015 #1
    I am an electrical engineering undergrad student just finishing my first year. I have a love of physics and I was starting to wonder if it would be possible for me to stay in EE undergrad but change to physics for grad school. Is there enough physics in EE that I could make the switch?
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    This should have been posted in the Academic Guidance forum. A mentor will probably move this soon.

    Secondly, you should start by reading this thread:


    You will have deficiencies in the subject matter that you covered as an EE major. The question is, how much will it be and how much flexibility will your intended graduate program allows you to catch up with undergraduate courses. There's a lot of uncertainty here that cannot be answered since you are still years away from getting to that point.

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    That depends a lot on your particular program. Some EE courses include a fair amount of physics and pure math. But physics grad programs expect that their incoming students were physics undergrads.

    Of course, it doesn't mean you won't be accepted, but they might make you take undergrad physics courses at first before they let you start doing the advanced stuff. If you've got time, maybe pick up a minor in physics?
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