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Electrical Fields within the body

  1. Jan 5, 2016 #1
    So I was thinking, if the body has its own electrical currents... especially in the brain, then the brain must have an electrical field that extends infinitely. If that is the case can the brains electrical field interact with the real world and influence it. So for example if the field was strong enough (say we are able to concentrate a large current to a single spot in the brain) can we influence scientific experiments that are dependent on the movement of an electron?
    Can a human control the strength of his/her electrical field by concentrating an electrical current in his brain. Is this possible?
    Can we create a device that reads the current in the brain, translates it to words and then sends it to another persons brain?
    For the record, I haven't studied electricity for a while so I expect my questions to be a little on the dumb side?
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    check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetoencephalography
    It uses the magnetic fields created in the brain to do scanning.
    I got to go see one of these when I was in engineering. The lab was telling us how they can use it to (in a limited fashion) tell what you're thinking of. IE they would have you think about item A and scan your brain. Ask you to think about item B and scan.
    Then you'd think of A or B and they'd tell you which. Pretty cool :)

    The problem however is the field created by your brain is incredibly weak. So the detectors have to be crazy sensitive. The MEG we saw was in a heavily shielded room to filter out ambient magnetic fields. The lab guy claimed that if they didn't shield the room the detector could pick up the magnetic field created by a cars alternator 100km away.
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    It is not.
    If a grain of dust moves on Mars, it changes the gravitational fields here on Earth. Does it matter? Of course not, because the influence is completely negligible. The same applies to electric fields in and around a brain: they are completely negligible.
    It is possible to measure tiny effects of the electric currents with sensitive equipment directly on top of the head (or inside the head), and those can be influence to some extent, but you cannot say "current - go!".
    No (not yet?)
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    So your saying the brain's electrical field is to weak to have any effect that is large enough for to us to even consider. Even if we managed to concentrate a current in our minds (if)? then scrap my mind control idea. But I just have one more question how weak is the current in the brain? if the electrical field is as weak as you guys are saying then even the electricity in the brain must be small
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    Yes they are small

    have a read through this wiki page on the body's electrical system, it will give you some background
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