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Electrical Safety

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    Sir Iam in great need of this answer

    1.An automotive battery currently operates at a nominal 12 V d.c.This voltage level is normally considered inherently safe.Explain why the automotive battery still represents a safety hazard.(at least 100 words).
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    Please reply me as soon as possible
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    Though it's low-voltage, a car battery can provide an enormous amount of current, often more than 200 amperes. If you drop a screwdriver across the terminals, for example, enough current will flow to vaporize the screwdriver and splatter molten metal all over the unfortunate mechanic.

    - Warren
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    A significant danger is that sparks resulting from a short will ignite free Hydrogen released by the chemical reaction inside the battery.

    This really looks like a blatant effort to get us to do your homework. I do not think this is proper use of the forums. With a bit of effort on your part all of this information is available.
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    "at least 100 words" ??? :grumpy: Sure looks like you're trying to get someone to do your homework for you !
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