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Electrician advice needed.

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    I am putting in recess lighting in my house, I am retrofitting it, not a new build. I want to find out what kind of cable I should use to hook up the lights. I take that it should be 3 wires ( Black, white and green) in one type. Is 20A good enough? Of cause I am not using close to 20A, but I want to do it right so I can even pass the safety code inspection. Please advice.

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    If you want to follow your local rules for electrical installation then you really should read them. They vary from country to country and I think they are available wherever you are. Wire colouring and fusing requirements all vary around the World. 'Common sense' is not enough to satisfy an inspector!
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    It is good that you are going to have it inspected and signed off when you are done. As centaur says, you need to check with that building department (that will be the one to sign off on the work) to find out what your local electrical codes require.
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