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Homework Help: Electricity and Magnetism Question

  1. Apr 22, 2007 #1
    I have a couple of questions in E&M.

    a)Can anyone tell me what a coaxial resistor and a coaxial capacitor looks like? (Approx Diagram) Because I am not sure which equations apply to them since Im not sure what they look like.
    b)How do I find a self energy of a charged sphere? Split it into 2 parts and bring it together? Not sure on this one, if someone can help, thnx.
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    b) Do you mean how do you measure (in the lab) the energy in a charged sphere?

    Or do you mean how do you calculate the energy in a charged sphere?

    There is a good discussion on calculating the energy of a charged sphere in Feynman Lectures Volume II chapter 8-1.

    a) Just do a Google sreach for the coaxial caps and resistors. You can find the complete specs from most vendors.
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