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Electromagnet construction and off-axis field calculation with iron core

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any sources for off-axis point calculation for multiple current carrying loops that contain a soft iron core.

    I have been using this resource so far and I can figure out how to include multiple loops. How would I approach these calculations with an iron core inside of the loop?

    EDIT: the resource is http://www.netdenizen.com/emagnet/offaxis/iloopoffaxis.htm

    In the off-axis calculation it uses the original B which would be inside of 1 loop of wire. So I'm wondering if adding an iron core to the center would be the equivalent to multiplying the entire equation by the permeability constant?
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    Is the core cylindrical? If so, and if your coil has enough turns, it will magnetize the core and the field outside will resemble that from a cylindrical bar magnet.
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