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Electromagnet Core Material

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    I realize that soft iron is the most common material for this but I am wondering if there is something that will increase the magnetic strength.
    Here is what I have.
    Two electromagnetic coils in series connected by a yoke with a capacitor in parallel (for spark reduction). Cores are soft iron 3/8" or 5/16" x 1 1/4". The magnets move an armature bar that switches the circuit on/off 80-160 Hz.

    I'm am looking for a material that will create a stronger magnetic field without having to increase voltage (3-9 volts DC < 1amp) .

    What would the most efficient materials be that are available in those dimensions if one were willing to spend more $.
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    Are you asking this to improve the magnetic strength of the electromagnetic cores of a tattoo machine?
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    Have you tried contacting any solenoid manufacturers to see if anything is commercially available?
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