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Electromagnet Equasion Help PLEASE!

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    Electromagnet Equation Help PLEASE!

    I have found many equasions on modeling electromagnetic forces but being a high-school student, they dont make any sense to me. what i need is this: i need someone to tell me how i can find out Xgauge wire + Ywraps around Zdiameter(feet) steel core + Dlength(feet) of wrapped section + Fcurrent(amps and volts in AC/DC i cant remember which is what you use) = strength of magnet in lbs it can hold up with maglev

    i know im asking a lot but any help would be much appreciated
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    A couple of thoughts...

    If I am interpreting your description correctly, it sounds like you are making an electromagnet and you want to predict how strong a magnetic field it will have.

    You can make a DC or an AC electromagnet.. Some good info about both kinds may be found at ---> http://my.execpc.com/~rhoadley/magdcem.htm

    In your book, you may want to read up on some material and equations that use parameters such as: H (magnetic field), B (magnetic flux density), I (current), L length of your winding, R radius of winding, A - crosssection area of wire (determined from gauge), N number of turns.

    You mentioned a "steel core" .. The type of core you use, would definately affect the strength of your resulting magnetic field. I would read up on parameters for your core, such as permeabity, reluctance, etc.. You might find a table of these parameters in your book. Also check the current CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. It has lots of tables and may have some for parameters of magnetic cores.

    A little primer on magnetics may be found at:
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