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Electromagnet winding

  1. Aug 8, 2008 #1
    Hey, anybody out there good with electrical stuff??
    I'm no genius but can I be correct in assuming the following?
    Im making high voltage electromagnets.
    If I use 1200 winds of awg30 magnet wire, it will have the same power ~ (EMF) Or (magnetic field strenghth) as 600 winds of awg15 magnet wire. Am I correct in assuming this or No? The power source is the same, and voltage too for both cases.
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    15 awg wire is 5.7 times larger in diameter than 30 awg, and 32 times larger in cross-sectional area. That means the 15 awg is 32 times less resistive than the same length of 30 awg. But since your 15 awg wire will be half the length of the 30 awg, it would be 1/64 as resistive.

    So, for the same voltage applied to both wires, the 15 awg will draw 64 times as much current. With half as many windings, expect a 32 times larger magnetic field for the 15 awg.

    A table of wire diameters for different awg's can be found about 1/2-way down this page:

    p.s. if you want to make a powerful electromagnet, try to make it high current rather than high voltage.
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