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Electromagnetic radiation and photons

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    Why is light viewed as both wave energy and particle motion, whereas other forms of electromagnetic radiation is only seen as waves? Light is just a small part of the spectrum, so, surely all electromagnetic radiation should be viewed in the same way.
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    All electromagnetic radiation is both particulate and wave like in nature. In fact all particles ( electrons , protons...) are also wave like in nature at the same time. Everything has a dual nature.
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    As has been said, all EMR is composed of EM waves that interact through photons. This particle nature of EMR is most easily detected at higher frequencies such as visible light, UV, X-Rays, and gamma rays where the energy of each photon is easily detected. In the lower frequencies, such as microwaves and radio waves, the particle nature of light is not able to be detected since the energy of each photon is much to low to detect individual photons. You could say that as the frequency of the EMR increases, it becomes easier to detect the particle aspects and harder to detect the wave aspects.
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