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Electromagnetic wave; the classical model

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    Electromagnetic wave; the classical model....

    There appears to me to be an obvious flaw in the classical version of electro magnetic waves (before we even consider quantum theory. :rolleyes: ) Forgive me if I'm wrong but surely fields cannot travel as waves - after all, a field permeates space, getting weaker with distance, so how exactly can these fields actually travel forward as a wave?

    Thanks in advance. :rofl:
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    Claude Bile

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    Maxwell's equations say they can. A static field permeates space and gets weaker with distance, yes, but electromagnetic waves are not static fields, they are dynamic (vary with time).

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    James R

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    The fields don't travel. At any position in space, the field (either electric or magnetic) simply oscillates as the wave goes past. A wave is just an excitation of the local electromagnetic field.
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    Fields and waves are different concept, but I supposed you're talking about optical field here? Then yeah, optical field from a point source, for instance, gets weaker with distance. But for field propagation in the form of plane wave, it doesn't get weaken as long as the medium is not lossy.
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    Optic is just a particular cases of Electromagnetic .. so the thing you said appky to eletromagnetic too
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    the wave isn't "moving" its creating an electric and magnetic field infront of it self, its not moving its propagating, a change in electric field creates the magnetic field in front of it which is also changing, and then electric field is created in front of that...and so on..
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