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Electronics Engineering graduation Project Ideas ?

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    Hello guys
    I will be graduating this year getting my Bachelor of Engineering Technology going through Electronics Engineering. I have to work and think about a graduation project to do. So i have been searching around for some ideas to start with.
    One of the ideas I had was, since our Mechanical engineering students are building some cars, I can design and implement the electronics of the car as my project.
    The Second Idea was to design and build security gates for a big company, the gates which opens with magnetic keys.

    So i would like to hear some more Ideas from you guys, I'm not asking for the whole project to do for me, I just need ideas about some interesting things I can do.

    Sayed Ahmed
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    You mention Aerospace in your other post. Maybe you can do an EE project that involves Aerospace/Aircraft engineering....

    Maybe instead of implementing a car's electrical system, you could do a small aircraft's electrical system, including the autopilot...
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    I would go for something that matches the particular industry you want to get in with. Employers will nearly always ask you what your final year project was about. If you have experience with a process or the same type of instrumentation that they use then it will be very encouraging to them. If you plan to go into the world of academia, maybe you could find a PhD student or post doc and ask them if they have any research based problems relating to their project that you can work on. Chances are they will and chances are they will give you a lot of help because it is in their best interest as well.
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    Thank you berkeman
    I was thinking the same as a project, however my tutors didn't agree with it, as it will be a bit hard, and as the university don't have all equipments required for such project.

    jonlg_UK, Thanks for your replay, I will consider the idea you have, i will be doing a list of projects and ideas and then try to choose, so its a good idea.

    another idea I had is, designing and building a GPS Tracker for cars or for mobile phones, but to be honest i tried to get some information about it and how to start, but i didn't find info about it.

    I would like to hear some other suggestions that i might consider researching on before doing it.
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