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Electrostatic basic

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    why like charges repel n unlike charge attract each other?????????
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    What sort of answer do you want?
    The empirical one (people have always observed that it is so), the electrodynamical answer (the force law between charges depends on the product [itex]q_1 q_2[/itex]), the field theoretical one or the standard-model argument?

    My point it, is seems to be such a basic fact of nature that you can get as fundamental as you want.
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    it moves toward the state of minimum energy.
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    why its a fact i want to knw that ?????????
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    can u plz explain how they move towards state of min energy?
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    i can explain why its the state of minimum energy.

    the energy in each infinitesimal part of the field is proportional to the square of the field intensity. when 2 like charges overlap then their fields are everywhere doubled. hence four times the energy of a single particle is stored. when they repel apart that leaves half the energy to be released as kinetic energy.
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    tis shows y like repel each other wat abt unlike charges???
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    same thing. the field of 2 overlapping unlike charges is zero. all the energy is released as light.
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    but can u provide me link of tis if u knw(multimedia)

    i cant get u completely
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    I'm not aware of any
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    kkkkk still thanks for the answer
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    Yes, so did a lot of other people. This has led to the development of theories like the Standard model, QFT and string theory :smile:
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    because they are extremely heterosexual and homophobic.
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