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Elevator and scale

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    A person stands on a bathroom scale in a motionless elevator. When the elevator begins to move, the scale briefly reads only 0.67 of the person's regular weight. Calculate the acceleration of the elevator.

    how do i start this problem? help please!!
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    do you have any equations of motion you are suppose to use?
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    when he's not accelerating his weight is something and g=32.2 ft/sec2. When the elevator accelerates his weight drops to .67 of what it was. (his mass hasn't changed)
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    <tex> w=mg<tex> I really wish I could make LATEX work.
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    Use [ and ] instead of < and >
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    The person is experiencing two forces, his weight and the force from the scale (the reading on the scale is caused by the action/reaction force of this). The vector sum of this two forces gives the resultant "elevator acccelerating force" on the person according to N2.
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    And don't forget the / before the ending "tex":

    [ tex ] e^{-x^2} [ /tex ]

    gives [tex]e^{-x^2}[/tex].

    The "Math Message Board" uses < > instead of [ ] and I am forever getting them mixed up!
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