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Email notification of replies

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    Hey guys,

    I went into the edit options section of my PF and set the email notification to "no email notification" but I'm still getting emails about replies to subscribed threads. Anyone know how I can turn that off?

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    Under Settings & Options > Edit Options > Default Thread Subscription Mode
    use the drop down menu and select "No email notification".
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    That is what mangaroosh has already done.
    The new "no email" setting applies only to threads that are subscribed to after you changed the setting. Previously subscribed threads, unfortunately, keep their original email notification setting.

    I went through this myself once. I can only say that (1) the problem gets less and less with time, as the older threads get replies less and less frequently. Also (2) you can got to an old subscribed thread, unsubscribe manually, and then if you want resubscribe manually. When you resubscribe, the new "no email" setting will be in effect for that thread.

    After I had changed my own setting to "no email", whenever I got an email about an old thread I would go to it and do an unsubscribe/resubscribe. Like I said, having to do this became less and less frequent over time.
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    You can also go to the upper left of this window, and click on My PF.

    Then you have an option to View All Subscribed Threads (for me it is a link over in the middle-right of that screen.

    Once you see the list, you can click on Unsubscribe for each. You can do this as a mass Unsubscribe by clicking on the top right little box to select all of the threads listed on the page, and then at the bottom of the page on the right, click the drop-down menu and Delete Subscription.
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    cheers for that guys.

    berkeman, I followed your directions, I checked the "check all" check box, but instead of deleting the subscription I chose the "update subscription type>>no email notification" option - hopefully this might do the job.
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