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Emergence; Do you want the blue pill ? or the red pill ?

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    "Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more."

    One of those question that I see asked over and over, is how can there be highly complex life without some prior highly complex agent to create it.

    Here’s the truth of the matter, the complexity we observe developing is only a temporal view of a cognitive system that contains a duality, one of temporal time and one outside the field of time. this duality giving the other its contextual meaning.

    Complexity in its final form does not exist as a prior form, but as an eternal form. A singularity.

    What we observe as time and movement between a simple ordered state and higher ordered state is merely a cognitive movement between the two aspects of time. one of eternity, Were all things are complete whole forms and the temporal state of becoming.
    Archetypal Descent; the vesica attractor

    Let me approach this from architectural view point. When building a structure using regular geometry, small mistakes in the initial measurements will be amplified as the construction progresses, until a point is reached were the initial small instability surpasses and overwhelms the stability factors causing a catastrophic collapse, destroying the intended design.

    Vesica Attractor
    Now catastrophe theory combined with embedded phi-wave dynamics and a dissipative physical components is were this scenario happens in reverse.
    The instant all the physical and dynamic elements arrive they cause a catastrophic constructive collapse toward a higher ordered state, in this particular scenario the attractor forms around water waves. Initial instabilities become creative as they are compresses by the horizontal “whirlwind” or phi-waves dynamics. This state of creative instability is referred to as “edge of chaos” Coined by Doyne Farmer this state exist between the chaotic regime and the order regime. These attractors self-construct, by generating a circular vortex drawing energy from its environment. Most of these forms are short lived as in actual vortexes of just wind and water.

    I'm always comparing the vesica attractor to a black hole the reason for this is because they both form stable attractors, one though gravity, the other though cognition. These two forces seem to be the only way to stabilize a point in the quantum field.

    This math is central to evolution, it is how biological systems self organize, and evolve.
    You need to look no further than this math to understand how life is created and evolves.

    It is the geometry of creation.
    This scenario is counter intuitive because it is diametrically opposed to how we believe the universe operates.
    These two forces of gravity and cognition seem to emanate from a central source, creating what we perceive as time and movement between past and future.
    Now, you may ask, why is this, were is the creator in this equation, how does man fit into it all. consider the following.

    Since god represents the eternal aspect of consciences,
    Man representing the temporal aspect of this same consciences,
    And considering that all fundamental forces contain their opposites, it stands to reason we are all part of god and god is a part of us. An inseparable relationship one giving the other its contextual meaning.
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    *takes deep breath*
    ahhhhhh.... that was a good one.
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    Originally Posted by sd01g
    Interesting speculation. I wonder if you have anything like real evidence to support these assertions?

    I’m not really sure if your just addressing my post on “ eternal true forms ” But I can assure you the self-organizational model of the “Vesica Attractor” and subsequent evolutionary model “Archetypal Descent” that its based on can explain the observable data quite neatly.

    I have found though experience the best way to test a model is that it comes to life and produces information for free, and that this information also produces information and begins to order the data into a cohesive whole spontaneously.

    This is what the "Vesica Attractor model" does, it brings all the pieces collected from centuries of reductionism science together into a dynamical system.

    As for proving this model is correct using present scientific criteria. I believe that work has been done previously by others though the science of emergence.

    The Emergence of a Science of Emergence

    Prigogine's non-equilibrium Thermodynamics, Haken's synergetics, Von Bertalanffi's general systems theory and Kauffman's complex adaptive systems all point to the same scenario: the origin of life from inorganic matter is due to emergent processes of self-organization. The same processes account for phenomena at different levels in the organization of the universe, and, in particular, for cognition. Cognition appears to be a general property of systems, not an exclusive of the human mind.

    A science of emergence, as an alternative to traditional, reductionist, science, could possibly explain all systems (living and not).

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