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Energy from somewhere else

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    I thought I would put this post up for some general feedback it's a couple of thoughts I had, one day.

    I have started to read Richard Feynman's book 'QED' I have a current fascination at the moment with light and this appeared to be a good book to gather a clearer understanding about how it works, I’m only on page 45 and these observations are unrelated to what I have read already.

    When I think about light a couple of thoughts spring to mind, one is how does the frequency of light change in expanding space, as expansion occurs does the expansion of space cause light to stretch in to lower frequencies? This could be quite simple question to answer, although when we talk about space we have to talk about time, and light is a constant, so I think it could become a little complicated, I have not had time to sit down and think about this yet.

    The other thought is regarding the way we get information from light, the only way, and if I’m wrong please say, is to view its source or view reflected light, if light is viewed side on through a vacuum, no information can be obtained, so if this is true, could it be possible that there are sources of energy (electromagnetic, or not maybe), which are propagated around the universe, but we are unable to see its source, as they might be emanating from other dimensions for example.
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