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Energy source for spacecraft

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    Does anyone advise me what I can get out from space and use it as energy for space craft ?


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    Your question is a little unclear. Are you asking what you can harvest from space to use as an energy source for a spacecraft? If so, then where in space are you asking about? Interplanetary space? Interstellar space? Nebulae? Do you want to know what you can harvest from gas giants, asteroids, comets, etc?
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    Hydrogen and helium, and a lot of it. (It makes over 80% of all atoms in the universe).
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    It's pretty thinly spread out in interstellar space though, not enough there be able to collect it very effectively.
    Even if there was enough, in order to use it as a power source you would need some kind of very efficient but light weight fusion technology,
    certainly way beyond any technology we can presently foresee.
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