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Engineering Engineering and summer job

  1. Aug 30, 2008 #1
    summer jobs are over.
    school starts next week.
    did you have a summer job related to your studies-engineering?
    did you learn anything or was it just a pepper work?

    pls tell me a bit more about your summer job, thanks
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    I am an EE/CpE major. I am entering my "Junior Year" (I am really a second year junior because I played around too much the last couple of semesters. I did not pursue an internship over the summer, but still wanted to work.

    So I worked at Radio Shack all summer. I think that it is SOMEWHAT related to my studies. Not directly, but I got to see how most consumers want technology to be. Of course consumers want electronics to be as simple an non-technical as possible.

    So I worked really hard on talking about somewhat technical things non-technically (if that makes sense).
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    I'm a engineering chem, but with a lot of physics. I am going to major in physics later on.

    I had a summerjob that was somewhat relevant to my studies. It was in the concrete/materials-business. They produced concrete elements with styrofoam on as part of the isolation material. I stood in the packaging end of the line. I learned a lot.

    Some industries are really using suboptimal equipment. Some industries got really nice power struggles between the employees because they find themselves powerless and take out the frustration on those under them. Very frigging nice indeed. The fast and furious worked in my section, like I personally like it. I hated when a slow and lazy and most of the times a fat fatty mcfatfat did break down the flow of the line, making us missing production goals. That made me rage, A L-O-T.

    I also figured out that an engineer should learn how to weld, turning, use a proper set of tools etc. My practical learning goals for this semester is to learn all that, of course my school got some basic courses in that.

    I learned how a factory works as a whole. What bad leadership is. How you should not apply discipline to a job. Etc.

    This job was horrible, I hated it most of the times, it gave me some extra friends, but the only really valuable thing it gave me was a short text of what I had learned on the job. I wrote it down a couple of days after I got out of work.

    So all in all, it gave me valuable experience, more motivation to better myself in school and a valuable reference. :) They liked my work they said the last day.
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