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Engineering Engineering Career Overseas

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    I am presently studying Mechanical Engineering, earning my Masters degree in the United States. My emphasis is in energy and thermal sciences. My graduate degree program will culminate in 1.5 years. Soon thereafter I will likely seek employment overseas. Having travelled Europe this past summer I'm very interested in other cultures/lifestyles around the globe. Furthermore, I want to learn spanish (taken 4+ yrs back in high school), so Central/South America and Spain are particularly appealling to me.

    This is where my concern arises. From my research thus far, I have found most/all countries in these regions to be completely lacking in engineering positions.

    Would you please offer me advice/information (or direct me to where I may find it) with regard to this matter? Which countries on this planet, on any continent, are technological hubs for the offshoring engineering I speak of?

    ....Switzerland is one that I've found...
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    I'd check out a company like Bechtel. They do a lot of work overseas. The Mideast has a lot of work
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