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Enthalpy of combustion of ethane

  1. Apr 17, 2012 #1
    hey guys i am having a really hard time doing enthalpy problems,

    i am trying to do this(its not an homework question)

    Calculate the enthalpy of formation of ethane (C2H6) given that the enthalpy of combustion of ethane is
    -2840kj. DeltaHfH2O(1) = -286 kg/mol Delta HfCO2 (g) =-394 kg/per

    is the answer -206?

    this is what i did

    -286 X -2840/-394

    if not can you please give me step by step
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    Re: enthalpy

    shouln't you first write out the reaction-equation ??
    I wonder which textbook you are using ??
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