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Equipment for Quantum eraser experiment

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    Does any one know the full specs for those pump argon lasers used in the quantum eraser experiments? We're can I buy a used one?

    Also, is there a good place to buy the other equipment (lenses, crystals, etc) needed to perform the experiment?

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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, luxor99!

    Not sure if this will help, but it might help to look at the parts used for a Bell test (since a lot of the components will be the same):

    http://people.whitman.edu/~beckmk/QM/grangier/Thorn_ajp.pdf" [Broken]

    See Appendix C.
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    Look up the SciAm article "A Do-It-Yourself Quantum Eraser".
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    DrChinese, thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for !
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