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Equipotential Lines

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    Indeed, it's me again... asking some questions...

    1. Why don't birds sitting on power cables atop transmission posts get electrocuted? Why do boys get electrocuted when the thread of the kite they are flying accidentally touches a power cable?

    2. When you walk across a carpeted floor and then hold the door knob, you are more likely to get an electric shock. Why? Where does the current come from?

    3. What do the lines of force surrounding a point charge represent?

    4. How do I draw equipotential lines surrounding a point charge?

    5. How do I draw the lines of force surrounding a point charge?

    6. When you get caught at the middle of a thunder storm in an open field, you usually take refuge under a tree lying down. How should you lie down so you won't get a shock if ever the tree is hit? =)
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    What are your comments. These are thought process which u should deeply think before posting
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    And what do these have to do with "Linear & Abstract Algebra"?
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    HallsOfIvy, thank you for telling me.

    I was wrong in placing this equipotential lines here in this
    Linear and Abstract Algebra. I wasn't able to notice it.

    This must belong to electricity. (Physics)
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    Close thread


    I hope this particular thread will be closed because there's

    another one under Classical Physics. I misplaced this thread in

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