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Homework Help: EV unit conversions

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    I'm having a hard time getting used to expressing quantities in electron-volt equivalent units.

    Masses and energies expressed as MeV/c2 are confusing, but manageable.

    But I seem to have a complete mental block over momentum as MeV/c. It's easy enough to look at a table & see that 1 MeV/c = 5.344 x 10-22 kg-m/s, but could someone please walk me (or drag me ) through the derivation of that conversion?
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    Tom Mattson

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    The units of momentum are those of energy over speed.

    (1 Joule/m/s)=(1 J*s/m)*(1eV/1.6*10-19J)*(3*108(m/s)/1c)

    Cancel the units, crunch the numbers, and you'll have it.
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