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EvC debate - Pennsylvania school board

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    http://www.ncseweb.org/resources/news/2004/PA/39_a_dubious_first_for_intellige_10_21_2004.asp [Broken]

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    Hot Damn,

    We can no longer make fun of the South for being backwards.


    btw - I am from Arkansas
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    This is just getting stupid.. I think a good compromise would be to get rid of intelligent design and natrual selection altogether. Not really useful anyway, except perhaps to explain to students why you shouldn't take anti-biotics unless you really have to.

    "Kids, don't take anti-biotics unless you need to because the germs can become resistant due to natural selection"

    "Kids, don't take anti-biotics unless you need to because god will get angry"

    (ok.. the last bit was uncalled for :))
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    I thought I was going to be sick, but my stomach is apparently too intelligently designed for me not to vomit over everything that runs against every kind of sense.
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    I'm ashamed to say I'm from Philadelphia. Hopefully, this will die quickly.
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    At least it is easy to study for an intelligent design test. Every answer is "god did it."
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    Can't be the Amish community --- an invasion of KKK from NE Md.?
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