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Exam question

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    Well yesterday it was my physics paper(o'levels) . There was a question there which asked what is the advantage of having cells connected in parallel combination?
    I wrote that By connecting the cells in parallel combination the total current in the circut is shared by all of the cells as a result the cells last longer. Is it correct?
    I also need to know other advantages and disadvantages of connecting cells in parallel.
    Its a bit urgent cuz I wont be using my net for the next 4 days. I wont be able to sleep if i dun find out if my answer was right or wrong.
    Thanks in advance for any help. :smile:
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    Yes, the advantage of parallel cells is that there is a greater capasity to provide current (ie with the same load, it runs longer)
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    if you use cells in parellel combination, 2nd cell will take part only after 1st cell is dead. So you can provide a constant emf to the circuit without bothering the life time of a single cell. This property is very much useful in practical cases
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