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Exercises books

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    Hello, everyone

    I began reading Lectures on Physics from Feynman. But there is a problem: Those books haven't exercises. Can anyone tell me a (several) book(s) of exercises solved and proposed (with solutions) to accompany those Lectures step by step?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Good day
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    i like the problems/exercises in the book

    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Lawrence S. Lerner, Jones & Bartlett Publishers

    i think they teach good the physics behind the exercises, though only the solutions of the odd numbered problems are given. In addition they only take calculus for granted.

    Other good "problems" books you will find in the "Problems and Solutions"-series published by "World Scientific Publishing Company". But maybe to challenging for your purpose.

    For both, you can take an insight at books.google.com!

    with best regards
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    Hello, Saunderson.

    It was of great kindness your answer about my question.

    Thank you very much.

    I'm going to use them to accompany my Lectures.

    Till the next.
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