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Foundations Expansive Mathematical Logic Text

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    Hello, I want to start learning mathematical logic. I was wondering what would be a good "expansive" mathematical logic book that covers as much material as possible. My school has books by both Ebinghaus (et. al) and Monk. Are these good? I've heard good things about Schoenfield, but I was wondering how they compare to the aforementioned books. Thanks in advance for any response. [Note: I am already planning on going through Jech's Set theory, along with Kunen's books and Model Theory by Chang]
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    Monk doesn't look good and Ebbinghaus doesn't look expansive.

    Why does Monk not look good? He talks about philosophy in the preface and mentions that he wrote a book about platonism and formalism, topics in the philosophy of math, but he seems unfamiliar with Carnap because he makes a mistake that Carnap wrote about in 1950. Monk's book is from 1967 and I think he should have known about Carnap's concept of internal and external language. If anything, I read his preface as a defense against exactly this criticism, that he goes against Carnap. It's not a convincing defense, it was wrong when he wrote it and it is still wrong today.
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