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Experience with 480V motor or motor drives

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    I've been unemployed for about 1 year and I now I got a job offer. I'm an electrical engineer with about 2 years of work experience. While I have work experience, I don't specifically have experience with 480V motor or motor drives which is company offering me the job is all about. They are offering me $13 / hr for the first 90 days and then they might increase my salary depending on my performance.

    Taking the current bad economy into consideration, should I take this job? I feel kinda lucky to stumble upon a company called me back and offered me a job. Financially speaking I'm well off and I'm not in a hurry to find a job. I'm also getting unemployment that equates to making about $10.5 an hour. I feel like I'm getting duped with such a low low starting salary.
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    Tell them to rotate! Stay on the dole for that...
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    it almost sounds like a temp contract job----and from what I hear, those usually are paid a premium (not less) especially if its a specialized area
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    I'm pretty sure it's not a temp job.
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    I think you need to get more details on how much your salary is likely to increase after the 90 day "probation" period. Especially in today's economy, it makes sense for companies to hire inexperienced employees at very low salaries, see how they perform on a "trial" period, and then have the option to terminate their employment if they don't work out, or extend them a more permanent offer with a more appropriate level of compensation. You just want to make sure if things work out that you will get a reasonable compensation for your work at the end of the trial period, not just some vague handwaving that you "might" get a raise.

    On the other hand, if you've been out of work a year with only 2 years work experience before that, you're not in much of a position to be choosy. Even if you can currently afford your lifestyle without a job, the longer you are out of work, the harder it's going to get to find another job when you do need it. You're going to be competing against everyone else who is unemployed with more years of work experience and less time out of work to lose skills.

    If they never pay you better than $13/h when your probation period is over with them, then you are in a better position to put your resume back out and look with a job still in hand and your reason for looking for another position being that you aren't being paid at a level you think is consistent with your work performance, not that you're looking because you're desperately out of work. Do be prepared to hang on at least a full year, though, before looking again. You don't want to look like a job jumper.

    If nothing else, you're likely to gain some additional experience in a new area you haven't done before and can add to your list of skills.
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    I think it's a ripoff, but under the circumstance you should gain some experience points on the resume if you plan to find a better job in the future.
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    Lets see.. BSEE and you going to work for 13 bucks an hour? Even CAD drafters don't get paid that low. Did you pass the FE exams? How did you just decide to stay unemployed for a whole year?? What is your zipcode?
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    1. Did you consider higher education?
    2. Some plan to use your time productively?/What have you been doing during the unemployment period? If you are using your time to some good cause of personal interest, then I wouldn't take the job.
    3. Moving out of your place? (as cronxeh already pointed that out)
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