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Experiment may be the tiration, techniques, experiments

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    I want to surf some website(chemistry experiment, include vedio, lab report and other useful things about experiment...)the experiment may be the tiration, techniques, experiments or ions... Because I need to do experiment and lab report in school. I am a form 7 student!
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    thanks alot
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    What is "form 7"? I suggest you look for the information in a school chemistry textbook. The internet can be quite confusing for a beginner in chemistry.
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    If you need an "original" idea and somewhat firework-type experiment, you may try the self-oxidation of ammonium bichromate, (NH4)2Cr2O7, by simply heating the dry solid. This reaction yields nitrogen gas with the formation of green product, known as chromium-3-oxide.

    However, if you need an internet-based source, I recommend that you use google searching.

    Regards, chem_tr
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    for example, titration of bleach with KI,Na2S2O3....................................
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