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Experiment with high voltage that can show arcs / stun human

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    I'm very interested in Experiment with high voltage that can show arcs.
    I also like to modify my swatter ( electric racket to kill mosquito/ flies), it is made in china.

    About the swatter:
    -It has only one diode at the secondary winding of the trafo, ithink this is for rectifying the ac that produce by the trafo and make dc so the power can be stored in the huge capasitor. But ithink the rectifier is not good enough, it's half wave rectifier. How if we change it to full wave rectifier with diode bridge?

    -I've measured the voltage of this swater. I get about 400 volt DC when i use DC measuring with my multitester, but when i measure in ac i get about 1000 volt ac. Can anybody explain this? Why there is ac and dc volt?

    -There's huge capacitor in the secondary winding at the trafo. This ceramic caps add more sparks when we short the iron at the racket. Do you know about the capacity and the working voltage of this huge caps? I think it's a good idea to add more caps like this and parallel them with this caps to add more sparks
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    Sorry I can't help you with more, but if you are rectifying the transformer signal you will get a DC value always (I assume you are confused why there is a DC voltage). DC in the frequency spectrum corresponds to the average value of the AC voltage, so naturally a rectified signal will have some nonzero average value.
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    Anyone can help me please?
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    leonar, we are not going to help you experiment with building your own stun gun for humans. Besides the danger to yourself, working with high voltages and obviously not understanding the basics of electricity and electrical safety, there is the issue of what you intend to do with it.

    A better approach if you just want big pretty arcs is to look at Tesla coils:


    You can get help with many things here on the PF, but helping you to make weapons, even if it's just for fooling around, that is something that we do not do.

    Thread locked.
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