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Archaeosine synthase (EC, ArcS, TgtA2, MJ1022 (gene), glutamine:preQ0-tRNA amidinotransferase) is an enzyme with systematic name L-glutamine:7-cyano-7-carbaguanine aminotransferase. This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

L-glutamine + 7-cyano-7-carbaguanine15 in tRNA + H2O

{\displaystyle \rightleftharpoons }
L-glutamate + archaeine15 in tRNAIn Euryarchaeota the reaction is catalysed by ArcS.

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  1. A

    Geometry problem with arcs in a triangle

    In the figure, the point S is located inside the section FE. Starting from S, as indicated in the figure, six circular arcs are drawn step by step around arcs around A, C, B, A, C, B are drawn. Show that the sixth arc leads back to S and that the six arcs together are then exactly as long as the...
  2. Z

    Electric field created by two charged circular arcs?

    The strategy will be to figure out what ##dq##, ##\hat{r}_{dq,p}##, and ##r_{dq,p}## are, plug them into the expression for ##d\vec{E}_{p_r}##, then integrate over ##d\vec{E}_{p_r}## to obtain ##\vec{E}_{p_r}##, the electric field at ##P## due to the arc on the right. Then I will repeat the...
  3. tanaygupta2000

    Resultant field at the center of two semicircular current arcs

    So the magnetic field induced at the center of a current-carrying loop is given by: B = μ0 i /2r where r is the radius of the loop In the case of a semi-circular loop, this becomes B = μ0 i /4r In the question, i = 2A, r1 = 1m and r2 = 2m So, field induced at the center of first semicircular...
  4. DaynaClarke

    Total Particle Energy Flux in Auroral Arcs

    Homework Statement: Consider electron precipitating vertically into an auroral arc of area 1.0 km x 1200 km in the horizontal plane. The energy of the electrons is equal to 5 keV and the electron flux is 8.0 x 10^13 m^-2 s^-1. Determine the total particle energy into the arc, the total current...
  5. G

    Why Do Arcs Form Between Fork Tines in a Microwave Oven?

    Some fireworks in our microwave from peeling paint got me thinking... If you place a fork inside, arcs will form between the tines. Why? Presumably the EM field is inducing different potentials on each tine, and the pointiness concentrates the field enough to exceed the breakdown voltage there...
  6. W

    Explain why all geodesics on a sphere are arcs of great circ

    Homework Statement Show that any geodesic with constant ##\theta## lies on the equator of a sphere, with the north pole being on the ##\theta = 0## line. Hence explain why all geodesics on a sphere will be arcs of a great circle. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I've had a go at it...
  7. M

    Geometry - Arcs created by Secant Lines

    Homework Statement This picture: http://i.imgur.com/n015WjU.png It's drawn with exactly the amount of information from the worksheet. Specifically, the two secants meet at a point, with an angle of 28 degrees between them. Both secants partition off an arc of 120 degrees. The goal is to...
  8. U

    How do arc furnaces sustain themselves without significant resistance?

    I'm highly interested in building my own small arc furnace for hobby use. Thus, I want to understand the nature of electrical arcs before proceeding to have maximum control over my design. So far, I know that electrical arcs form when the dielectric strength of the material (in this case, a gas)...
  9. A

    Circular arcs on net electric field

    Homework Statement http://www.webassign.net/hrw/W0490-N.jpg The figure above shows three circular arcs centered on the origin of a coordinate system. On each arc, the uniformly distributed charge is given in terms of Q= 2*10-6C. The radii are given in terms of R = 10cm. What is the magnitude...
  10. marciokoko

    Calculating 1/4 Earth Arc with Trig

    Is there a way to determine the arc around 1/4 of the Earth without measuring it? I mean like thru trig?
  11. A

    Help Needed: Building a Tesla Coil - No Arcs Coming Out Toroid

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a tesla coil and I need a little help. I have everything completed enough that I can start testing it. I plug the coil in and the spark gap fires immediately and continuously, but no arcs come out the toroid. I tried moving the toroid closer to the...
  12. PhysicoRaj

    Experimenting with Capacitor Discharge Arcs: What's Going On?

    Hi there.. I was experimenting with capacitor discharge arcs. I charged a 340μF cap to 9v and shorted the terminals of the cap. Zap! Sparks!.. Then the terminals got stuck to each other as if they had been glued together! It took me 3-4 seconds pulling at them to separate them. It happens every...
  13. B

    MHB How to calculate center coordinates of two reverse arcs in 3D space

    Hi, Given 3D points P1(200,60,140), P2(300,120,110), P3(3,0,-1), P4(-100,0,-1) and the radius of arc C1MP3 is equal to radius of arc C2MP1. How do I calculate coordinates x, y, z of points C1 and C2? Points C1 and C2 are centers of two reverse arcs which are tangent to each other at point...
  14. B

    How to calculate center coordinates of two reverse arcs in 3D space

    Hi, Given 3D points P1(200,60,140), P2(300,120,110), P3(3,0,-1), P4(-100,0,-1) and the radius of arc C1MP3 is equal to radius of arc C2MP1. How do I calculate coordinates x, y, z of points C1 and C2? See this image. Points C1 and C2 are centers of two reverse arcs which are tangent to...
  15. T

    Arcs Of Best Fit For Large Nos. of X&Y

    Hi everyone I was hoping someone could help with a problem I’m having. I am often given large amounts of X & Y data which relate to the edges of highways. Sometimes they are just a hand full approx 20 and other times there are approx 400. I use the data to find arcs that best fit the...
  16. J

    Is there a relation between log and arcs for complex numbers?

    If there is a formula relating the exponential with sine and cosine normal and hyperbolic (exp(ix) = cos(x) + i sin(x), exp(x) = cosh(x) + sinh(x)), there is also a formula relating the logarithm with arcsin, arccos, and arcsinh arccosh?
  17. P

    Producing Safe and Visible Electric Arcs with Basic Materials

    How can I safely produce an electric arc, preferably multiple centimetres long, the longer the better, out of some basic stuff like a transformer and a motorbike battery? I would like to produce an electric arc that is clearly visible, and that isn't dangerous, so the amperage should be quite...
  18. paulmdrdo1

    MHB Correspondence between Arc Lengths and Real Numbers in Trigonometry

    i'm kind of confused with what i read from my book in trig which says "there's a one to one correspondence between the length of all arcs in the Unit Circle and the set of real numbers." my understanding to this is that there's a corresponding real number to the length of all arcs of the unit...
  19. liometopum

    Area of loops and arcs of prolate cycloids

    Does anyone know of solutions (or sources showing them) to the area and line lengths of the loops and arcs of prolate cycloids? Standard cycloids are well discussed online, but equations relating to looping cycloid curves appear absent. I have not seen an equation relating to either loop area or...
  20. alyafey22

    MHB Integration around circular arcs

    Prove the following If f has a simple pole at z=c and C_r is any circular arc bounded by \theta_1 , \theta_2 and centered at c with radius r \lim_{r \to 0^+} \int_{C_r} f(z) \, dz = i ( \theta_2 - \theta_1 ) \text{Res} (f;c)
  21. N

    What is the Unknown Theorem Used in the Proof of Theorem 4.5?

    I will preface this by saying that if anyone has the following book: Euclidean Geometry and Transformations written by Clayton W. Dodge, then my question concerns a theorem used but unstated in the proof of Theorem 4.5. Theorem 4.5 The lines tangent to the circumcircle of a triangle at its...
  22. B

    Calculating Rate Of Separation Between Two Arcs

    Homework Statement Is there a formula for calculating the rate of separation (per degree) for two planes beginning at a common point, traveling at the same speed, performing turns with two different turn radiuses? Homework Equations See linked image for better understanding...
  23. V

    Finding the Distance Between Two People on a Curved Earth

    I have not done any maths for a very long time now. And have forgotten a lot of what I learned. Right now I am having to get back into it again. And can't get my head around this problem. Homework Statement Two people 1.8m tall walk directly away from each other until they can no longer...
  24. A

    Electric potential of noncunducting arcs

    Homework Statement There are three nonconducting arcs of radius R=8.5cm. The carges on these are as follows: q1= 4.52pC, q2= -2q1, q3= 3q1. With V=0 at infinity, what is the net electric potential of the arcs at the common center of curvature? Homework Equations used Vnet=...
  25. S

    Is there a network with 50 arcs annnd one vertex?

    Homework Statement Is there a network with 50 arcs and one vertex?
  26. W

    Calculating Magnetic Field Using Biot-Savart Law for Concentric Arcs

    Homework Statement The closed loop shown in the figure below carries a current of 6.90 A in the counterclockwise direction. The radius of the outer arc is 65.0 cm, that of the inner arc is 41.0 cm. Find the magnitude of the magnetic field at point P if the angle 60 deg. Homework Equations...
  27. L

    Can Commercially Available Spark Gaps Meet High Power Reliability Standards?

    Anyone have a reference or information on longevity and reliability experiments in high power spark gaps? I am looking at the reliability of a 97GW 78Kamp discharge spark gap I would like to know the erosion factor and fouling rate of different configurations.
  28. S

    Calculating Drag Forces on Arcs for Engineering Project

    I'm currently working on an engineering project for my high school engineering course, and the knowledge of physics I should have for this project is more than I actually know. I want to build a catapult that can shoot a tennis ball at an 8” target on the ground from 30 feet away. I want to take...
  29. L

    Experiment with high voltage that can show arcs / stun human

    I'm very interested in Experiment with high voltage that can show arcs. I also like to modify my swatter ( electric racket to kill mosquito/ flies), it is made in china. About the swatter: -It has only one diode at the secondary winding of the trafo, ithink this is for rectifying the ac...
  30. L

    What is the formula for finding the area of a sector in a circle?

    what is the formula to find a sector in a circle? so I'm given the radius and the arc of angle 60 degrees. To find the area in that arc, the forumla is something along the lines of: A=\frac{r^2}{2} * arc so... A=\frac{r^2}{2} * \frac{\pi}{3} is this right?