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Explanation for the big bang?

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    explanation for the big bang??

    This is my first post to PF but this question has been really bothering me for a while. In the theory of the "big bang" the universe was created from 1 gravitational singularity holding all the mass and energy. This would be very similar to the black holes we see today. IF there was a "big crunch" and it created this gravitational singularity out of the previous universe. would it spin like some black holes we see today? If so, do to conservation of angular momentum and the lack of anything other than the gravitational singularity(no relative time distortion) spell a way that the gravitational singularity to achieve a rotational speed greater than the speed of light? if so, could this cause the gravitational singularity to violate the laws of physics destroying it's self sending its energy into void space? I know all of these cant be answered with our current knowledge but any constructive criticism will help.
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