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Expressing a matrix as a Vandermonde Matrix

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    I would like to know how to take a matrix and express it as a vandermonde matrix.

    If I could be referred to a web page that explains how this can be done, that'd be great.

    I have NO idea what so ever how this is to be done.

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    ok, here is one matrix that I have:
    [3 3 3 3]
    [3 6 -3 9]
    [3 12 3 27]
    [3 24 -3 8]

    i have noticed that if I divide this matrix by 3, its transpose is a vandermonde matrix.

    i am not sure how to answer the question given
    the question states : express in terms of a vandermonde matrix
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    Ok well if you let that matrix = A then the vandermonde matrix V is [itex] \frac{1}{3}A^{T} [/itex] or rather [itex] A = 3V^{T} [/itex] where the indicies of the vandermonde matrix are:

    [itex] \alpha_{1} = 1 \quad \alpha_{2} = 2 \quad \alpha_{3} = -1 \quad \alpha_{4} = 3 [/itex]
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    thank you
    that's what i was thinking.
    i'm so relieved i was on the right track.
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