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Extracting multiple data in a MATLAB matrix

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    Hey everyone. I want to extract numerical data from files lets say g0001.txt to g0060.txt and store it in a matrix with each element is an array.
    like this:
    M=[g1() g2() g3() ................g60()]
    matrix order can be 1 x 60 , i.e. to say 1 row and 60 columns and each element is an array which stores the entire data from g000n.txt. like i want data from g0001.txt in g1() and g0002.txt in g2() and so on.
    Also later on i want plot each of these elements with respect to another array by accessing them each.
    Each of these .txt files will have around 200 float values.
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    If you want each set of data to be an element of a larger "thing", then you should put them into a cell array or structure (I prefer the former).

    For info and the available functions for importing data from text files, check out this doc page:
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