Faster than Light Travel

I was doing research on fastaer than light travel, and I came across a chart that said that said that a starship can only travel ten times the speed of light untill it occupies all points in space. (I understand that this is fiction, and is only possible in theory but I am still intreasted in faster than light travel.) What I dont get is how can an object inrease its surface area to occupy all points in space? I realize that the answer is it cant, but what if it did?
Here are the charts: [Broken] [Broken]
Read the last line on the second one. It says that a starship traveling at 10 times the speed of light (warp 10) will occupy all points in space at the same time.
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That is a video game, it's not real and has no basis in reality.


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You are on the wrong web page, we do not engage in idle speculation here.

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