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Ferric oxide solubility

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    fe2O3 is soluble in hot HCl and it gives FeCl3. How can you get Fe2O3 back? could that be used to enrich Fe2O3 from a complex mixture?

    Is there any way to convert Fe2O3 in Fe (NO3)3????
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    Hydrolysis of FeCl3, followed by heating should work.

    Can you think of an obvious way using an acid?
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    Reacting the Iron (III) Chloride solution with Sodium Hydroxide should precipitate out Iron Hydroxide as well as give off heat. The heat produced during the reaction should then convert some of the Iron Hydroxide back into Iron Oxide, anything else should convert back to Fe2O3 as it dries, then heat it up in an oven just to be sure.
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