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Fields of Physics?

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    I am currently pursuing a degree in Physics and was wondering what would further my chances and options in employment after graduation. What could I specialize in that is the most promising for me right now and would a minor in Math or Computer Science be good?
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    Both minors are good. Condesed matter is THE FIELD. That's where the majority of research takes place. As for employement goes medical physics and biophysics are hot fields. But you should go with whatever interests you the most. You probably won't archieve anything in a field you choose purely on a economical basis.
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    Yeah, but it's hard to decide if you don't know alot of the fields available. Thanks for the info. Are there any hot fields involving optics/robotics/nanotech/etc?
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    Quantum optics is big and so is nanotech. Nanoparticles, nanotubes and so on have facinating properities that haven't been fully researched yet. But be careful if you decide to go after "the next big thing" because it might end up like the IT field with an overload of experts but little work to do.
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    I should probably go into a field that I know will never die then. Unless I want to gamble my future for riches and glory but I am leaning toward the former. :smile:
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