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Fighting Sprit

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    Which side is better in fighting spirit and strategy during Second World War, United States or Japan? Why did Japan lose to the United States? Because of intelligence?
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    If by fighting sprit you meant 'fighting spIrit', then I'll answer...

    I think that both were extremely motivated and fought with equal vigor. However the Japanese (especially the Japanese Marines) were fanatically devoted to the Emperor, so I think I'd put them ahead.

    Why did Japan lose? Simple answer: The US out-produced Japan. The US could build thing faster than the Japanese could.

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    There was a couple of other mentionables:

    - The Japenese were limited in natural resources.
    - The mistakes at Midway set their Navy back and could not recover.
    - The US's breaking of Japanese codes was a huge tactical advantage.
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    "Fighting spirit" is pretty vague. The Japanese were fanatically motivated, but the Americans were better trained. What won the war, though, was a mixture of factors, mostly listed above. What isn't listed above is manufacturing capacity.
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    The Atom Bomb should be mentioned here too. Its what ended the war.
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