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Homework Help: Find angle from velocity and more (ramp)

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    I'm puzzled to where i start on this ramp problem.

    The picture (attachment) has all the following information.

    I'm trying to find the following angle in purple (in the picture attachment)

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    Welcome to Physics Forums.
    Well, you have the lengths of the hypotenuse and the side adjacent to the angle. What quantity do you know that links the hypotenuse and adjacent sides to the angle?
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    The question is badly presented and I don't think the adjacent side equals 5m.My guess is that there is an object which slides down reaching a velocity of 1.91m/s after 5m and 6.37m/s after 8.5m.
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    The picture doesn't do much for me. Perhaps you could copy, or at least re-type VERY carefully the actual question. The complete question, not a summary.
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