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RAMP (an acronym for Roy Ayers Music Productions) was an American soul/jazz band from Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded in 1976 by Roy Ayers, who was not a member of the group, though he did write and produce songs on their only album. The band consisted of Sharon Matthews and Sibel Thrasher on vocals, Landy Shores on guitar, Nate White on bass, and John Manuel on drums and percussion. The band are joined in the present day by Kia Bennett and Desiree Jordan.
The group released one studio album, Come Into Knowledge, subsequently considered a classic among rare-groove collectors, artists (such as Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, Common, PM Dawn, A Tribe Called Quest and many others who have used RAMP samples in their music) and Roy Ayers fans.
Come Into Knowledge was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City and at Record Plant in Hollywood, California. The group was a vehicle for the songwriting talents of Ayers and Edwin Birdsong. Released in 1977 via ABC Blue Thumb, the set featured a version of Ayers' "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" along with the 'rare groove' track "Daylight". The LP record release of the album commands very high prices. The album was eventually reissued and re-released on CD in 2007 by P-Vine Records in Japan and by Verve Records in Europe and the United States.The group split up shortly afterwards, but reformed in 2006 for new tours and recordings. RAMP performed on June 30, 2007, with Washington, D.C. jazz pianist Will Rast, at the Central Park SummerStage in New York City. RAMP member Sibel Thrasher died in April 2020.In 2008, the song "Daylight" featured Grand Theft Auto IV on the fictional radio station The Vibe 98.8.

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  1. Doitwell

    B Determine forces acting on double inclined plane

    Hi, a newcomer here. I need to know the value(s) of the force(s) acting on each inclined face of a double ramp. Here's a visualisation of a double inclined ramp (just an example, could be asymmetric): Imagine a body rests on the top faces, let's assume it's a circular bar (a cylinder) which...
  2. M

    Static vs Kinetic Friction on an Unbanked Ramp

    I used kinetic friction and did mgμ_k=mv^2/r. However, the solution is mgμ_s=mv^2/r. I am confused on why we consider static friction and not kinetic friction, thanks!
  3. nav888

    Work done by a force down a ramp

    The mass of the bike and person is 190kg Calculate the average accelerating force from X to Y, if the bike has a velocity of 30 at point Y. I am struggling with this question, I know that Fx = Work Done, but I also know that the only way to release GPE as KE is for gravity to do positive work on...
  4. A

    I Distance traveled by a ball down a ramp and on a flat path

    Question: A ball is hit with a certain force and it starts with an initial velocity of V m/sec decelerating due to friction along a flat path and then up an inclined ramp coming to stop at the top of the ramp where the ramp becomes flat again (as per diagram A). The total distance traveled along...
  5. MatinSAR

    Work and Energy for a mass sliding down a curved ramp (why does the ramp move?)

    What force causes the surface to move to the left? Can I say that it's due to the force component of the weight along the vertical force of the surface?
  6. E

    B Normal Force Discrepancy for Wedge Vs. Ramp

    I have seen a few posts on this subject before, but none have really answered my question. For clarity, I will refer to the 1st example as a wedge, and the second as a ramp (although both are of course inclined planes). With both examples that I outline below, we will assume no friction, and a...
  7. babaliaris

    Simple Ramp motion problem, but going full vector mode

    Known: 1) The mass of the ball is ##m## (constant ##\frac{dm}{dt} = 0##) 2) ##v(0) = v_{0}## 3) Air drag force magnitude ##| \vec F_{D} | = B \cdot | \vec v(t) |## (##B \in R##) 4) The ramp is frictionless. 5) The magnitude of Earth's acceleration = ##g## I'm not sure if θ is known or not, and...
  8. P

    Physics homework help needed -- A mass sliding down a ramp with friction

    When mass M is at the position shown, it is sliding down the inclined part of a slide at a speed of 2.19 m/s. The mass stops a distance S2 = 2.1 m along the level part of the slide. The distance S1 = 1.18 m and the angle θ = 28.10°. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for the mass on...
  9. mopit_011

    Question About an F=ma Problem with a small ball impacting a ramp

    (This is the diagram from the problem.) My professor assigned this as extra practice and I don’t understand why the answer is (C) instead of (B). Why would sharp bends be the correct answer? Isn’t the curved diagram more accurate for movement on a slope?
  10. Y

    Forces applied to a block on a ramp

    hey I am really hope for some help becuase i don't know what I am doing wrong, the angle of the first part is 21.801. here is my solution i would like to know what I am doing wrong
  11. runningphysics

    Two masses connected by a rope on a pulley on a ramp

    I have no clue how to do the problem. I created a free body diagram for each block. I assume that it is simpler than I am making it out to be.
  12. B

    Mathematically Ramp down a sinewave to 0 or switch frequencies

    How do Mathematically Ramp down a sinewave to 0 or switch frequencies without causing a clicking sound? I wrote code to play a sinewave but when I stop the sound I can hear a clicking sound. I tried to slowly ramp down the Amplitude, but that seem to only work for some Combination of...
  13. P

    How does a mass moving up a ramp change its velocity?

    A point mass is moving at speed v, on a horizontal plane, until it reaches an incline. Immediately after just climbing up the incline, its speed remains at v, but its direction changes. How does this happen? Q2: Now, I drop a point mass such that it falls vertically downward onto a fixed ramp...
  14. D

    Maximum force applied to prevent block from sliding up ramp

    I tried using Newton's first law as the net force in both the x and y directions should be zero in this case. In the free body diagram you need to consider weight, friction, normal force, and the horizontal force. I got a result that said that the horizontal force F you apply is at most W(mu_s +...
  15. S

    MHB Calculate the Length & Potential Energy of a Sliding Box on a Ramp

    A ramp rises 10cm for every 80cm along the sloping surface. A box of mass 50 kg slides down the ramp starting from rest at the top of the ramp. The coefficient of friction between the ramp and the box is 0.03 and no other resistance acts. The box is traveling at 2 m/s when it reaches the bottom...
  16. F

    A ball climbing a ramp while "rolling the wrong way"

    This image represents the ramp. The first part is pretty easy. The red part has friction, and the ball rolls down it. The blue part has no friction, and the ball climbs it only owing to the translational kinetic energy that it gained at the bottom of the red ramp, which is only a fraction of...
  17. jskrzypi

    Spring launches a block up a ramp -- How far does it go?

    I think I have all the pieces here, and am able to solve for a work through the air. But I have a power output, and don't know how to isolate it to find the distance.
  18. jskrzypi

    Angle on ramp with cart and weights on rope at end

    I believe the nx, Ty, and (fs)y are all 0. I could solve for theta if I could figure out (fs)x or ny. edit: Track is frictionless, so delete (fs) forces.
  19. Camailee

    Engineering Statics problem: A ramp is supported by two cables

    Problem illustration: The possible answers are: I don't understand why it says Mc if it is asking for the moment at A, not C. But maybe I am getting something wrong. So with the formulas I posted above, I have this:
  20. chucho11028

    Motion in one dimension -- Experiments with a Hot Wheels car rolling down a ramp

    Hello This is not a homework, this is my own experiment to understand how the motion works. Please, follow my question here below: I have a hot wheels race with a slope with 10 degrees where I use a small car which departs from the top to the bottom. I have taken 5 times the time to get an...
  21. T

    Calculating air resistance for a cart rolling down a ramp

    I am doing a physics lab where we are supposed to calculate air resistance and find the impacts of velocity and cross sectional area on air resistance. For the experiment, we rolled a cart down a ramp and measured data using Pasco Capstone software. When rolling the cart down the ramp, we...
  22. wcjy

    Mass with small charge sliding down a ramp

    When the mass starts sliding down, it will induce a current due to the cutting of B field. By fleming right-hand rule, the B field points into the field, charge going in the direction down the ramp (current pointing down the ramp?), therefore the force should be in the same direction of normal...
  23. A

    Is Mass Variation Relevant in Analyzing Tape Dynamics Down a Ramp?

    Hello everbody, I found the following resolution: We can consider the winding of the wire as a thin disc. Like this, For a given instant t, we will have M (t) mass of the disc and R (t) radius of the disc. Analyzing linear dynamics: $$M(t)gsen\theta - T = M(t).a $$ Analyzing the...
  24. E

    Is this formula for a ball rolling down a ramp incorrect?

    I've got to do an experiment that essentially involves rolling a ball bearing down a (frictional) ramp and measuring its acceleration. It's quoted in the manual that the linear acceleration of a ball bearing rolling down a ramp at angle ##\theta## is ##a = \frac{5}{9} g \sin{\theta}##. When I...
  25. N

    Kinematics question: Stunt driver jumping his car from ramp to ramp

    Do i use the equation above mentioned to solve it? If i do, am i correct to say that Vx = 90/3.6 cos 30 and Vy = 90/3.6 sin30?
  26. A

    Hydrostatic pressure of liquid in a cart on an inclined ramp

    Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. I am not able to make the force diagram for the liquid. I am still in high school and started now little hydrostatic. If someone can give me a light, I would be very .grateful.
  27. ItsukaKitto

    Maximum height a block reaches after separating from a curved moving ramp

    Diagram attached at the endI personally think there's something wrong with this question, and I'd like if someone can tell me whether it's the question that is wrong or my approach. If I attempt the solution thinking that M should be stationary, the solution is simple. 0 - 1/2 mv^2 = -mgh...
  28. K

    Buoyancy force when a ramp is under water

    So I have made force diagram And I think that I should find the acceleration by using these equations: ##\sum Fx=w\sin(15)-f_k-T_{x-buoyancy} ## ##\sum F_y=N+T_{y-buouancy}-w ## I know that the volume of water displaced must be ##V=\frac{1}{2400}m^3## and the mass of the water is then...
  29. meso

    Your help is appreciated -- Skateboarder on a ramp

    A skateboarder coasts at a constant velocity toward a ramp with a 15° angle, preparing for the big trick jump. If the frictionless ramp is 3m long, and his initial velocity at the base of the ramp is 5 m/s, calculate a) his final speed at the end of the ramp
  30. kaloyan

    Kinetic energy of a ball rolling down a ramp

    Consider the situation in the attached photo. The kinetic energy in A is 10 J, in B is 30 J. What is the kinetic energy in C? Using that the mechanical energy is the sum of potential energy ##(E_p=mgh)## and kinetic energy ##(E_k=\dfrac{mv^2}{2})##, we get that the mechanical energies in...
  31. RyanRhino

    Calculate the average force used to drag a box up a ramp

    I first wrote down that 55% = Eout/Ein I also know that W = (Facos20)(4) and I substitute it into the first equation 55% = Eout/[(Facos20)(4)] But I'm missing two variables here. Did i forget something or is the question missing some information?
  32. D

    Is My Calculation of a Rolling Steel Hoop's Acceleration Correct?

    I already have the answer but it doesn't make sense. For starters I think the question is worded badly. I think there are 2 different accelerations here ? The acceleration of the centre of mass and the acceleration due to rotation. I think the acceleration due to rotation doesn't affect the...
  33. T

    I How to Calculate the force to push a wheelchair up a ramp?

    How do I calculate the required push force (in kgf) for pushing a wheelchair up a ramp? - the ramp has a 5 degree incline - the weight of the chair and person in it totals 96.8 kg - the wheelchair has 4 wheels, all of equal diameter (15 cm) - the wheels on the wheelchair have a rolling...
  34. dRic2

    Analytical solution to mono-group kinetics with a ramp of reactivity

    Consider the mono-group model and a ramp in reactivity like ##\rho = -\gamma \beta t## The system is $$\frac {dP}{dt} = \frac {\rho - \beta}{\Lambda} P + \lambda C$$ $$ \frac {dC}{dt} = \frac {\beta}{\Lambda} P - \lambda C$$ 1st method: assume that the concentration of precursor doesn't...
  35. Lone Wolf

    What Is the Effect of Friction on the Height of a Sphere Rolling Down a Ramp?

    Figure: a) The mechanical energy of the sphere is conserved because the weight is the only force which does work. My problem with this question is mostly because the original picture (which I tried to recreate here) is kind of ambiguous, as in I don't know if H already accounts for the radius...
  36. P

    MHB Time for truck to go down ramp and reach point B

    A 2000 kg truck is resting at the top of a parking lot ramp which is at a 15 degree slope. It is then shifted into Neutral and starts moving. How long does it take the truck to get from A to B in seconds? There is a 15 degree slope on the ramp. uk is 0.08 Assume there is no air resistance.
  37. E

    Understanding Energy Loss in Projectile Motion on a Ramp

    I understand the basic way of doing it if no energy was lost, but because it is and it adds this whole component of projectile motion I'm feeling a bit lost. At first I wanted to time how long it took from the top of the ramp to when it hit the ground, but I couldn't figure out a way of making...
  38. D

    Determine a transfer function in the `s` domain and the response to a ramp input

    1. A process can be represented by the first order equation ##4\frac{dy(t)}{dt}+y(t)=3u(t)## Assume the initial steady state is steady (y=0 at t=-0) (a) Determine the transfer function of this process in the s domain (b) If the input is a ramp change in u(t)=4t, determine the value of...
  39. J

    Moving Down a Ramp: Answers & Explanations

    Homework Statement Please look at the problem attached as a screenshot. Homework Equations Assuming frictionless, Ei = Ef, which means objects that are the same will end up in the same heights (so we can group A&C, B&D, and E&F). For A&C and E&F, mgh = KE_rot + KE_trans For B&D, it is mgh...
  40. Temple1998

    How do I solve for an elastic collision going up a ramp?

    Homework Statement : Two blocks with masses m1=3kg and m2=4.5kg are moving on a platform with velocities v1 and v2, respectively. The platform is inclined with θ=30ο and is frictionless. Mass m2 has a very stiff spring with constant k=3000kg/s2 attached as shown in the figure. The two blocks...
  41. A

    How Does a Frictionless Ramp Affect Loot Crate Motion?

    Homework Statement Consider a loot crate, at the top of a frictionless ramp. If the mass of the loot crate is 11.5kg and the ramp has a rise of 3m and a run of 4m, then compute the following. a) Compute the free body diagram of the loot crate a time 0. (i.e. when the loot crate is at the top...
  42. J

    Finding the acceleration of an object on a parabolic ramp

    Homework Statement A long block of ice is resting on a table. A long trough with parabolic cross-section is cut out of the ice with length between the focus and the vertex of a=7.76 cm. A small puck with mass m2 = 0.751 kg is placed a distance h=16.8 cm above the bottom of the trough. What...
  43. J

    Finding the acceleration of a block of ice on a ramp

    Homework Statement A a block of ice with mass mA rests on a wedge of ice with mass mB=4.33 kg that is cut so that the surface of the wedge makes an angle of θ=38.1° with the ground. There is no friction between the pieces of ice or between the ice and the ground. At time t=0, the blocks are...
  44. T

    Calculating the force required to move a golf ball up a ramp

    Homework Statement Hello and good day, I am currently working on a design project which involves creating a golf ball collecting machine. The current design method involves the golf ball being swept up a ramp by rotating sweeping arms. I am trying to calculate the force required to push the...
  45. P

    Energy problem with 2 objects (a mass flying vertically off of a ramp)

    Homework Statement Consider a platform (mass: M) which horizontal surface AB s smoothly joined to vertical surface CD as shown in the figure below. Initially, the platform is fixed in place on a horizontal floor. A small object (mass: m) is placed on AB and given an initial speed of v in the...